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real time lead verification api system

verify email lists - api calls - form input validation

Our real time multi layered lead verification system, verifies your existing or incoming lead data in real time. Verify phone numbers, email verification and determine gibberish text with our easy to use API, HTML5 Forms, or our CSV file upload system.

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detect real names

Multi layer name verification helps prevent spam, saves you time, keeps your databases clean. Detect vulgar language, celebrity names, sports figures, gender and much much more.

verify email addresses

Email addresses are the first line of interaction with your customer base. Use our real time, email verification API or our html form builder to validate emails before they hit your database.

phone verification

Phone verification determines real phone numbers are inputted into your website or app. Along with validation our system detects a landline, mobile and voip numbers.

API Verification with 24 Languages Supported!

Detect Arabic LanguageArabic
Detect Chinese Simplified LanguageChi Simplified
Detect Chinese Traditional LanguageChi Traditional
Detect Czech LanguageCzech
Detect Dutch LanguageDutch
Detect English LanguageEnglish
Detect French LanguageFrench
Detect German LanguageGerman
Detect Greek LanguageGreek
Detect Hebrew LanguageHebrew
Detect Hindi LanguageHindi
Detect Irish LanguageIrish
Detect Italian LanguageItalian
Detect Japanese LanguageJapanese
Detect Maltese LanguageMaltese
Detect Polish LanguagePolish
Detect Portuguese LanguagePortuguese
Detect Russian LanguageRussian
Detect Spanish LanguageSpanish
Detect Swedish LanguageSwedish
Detect Turkish LanguageTurkish
Detect Ukrainian LanguageUkrainian
Detect Vietnamese LanguageVietnamese
Detect Welsh LanguageWelsh
Keep checking back for support for more languages monthly. If you have a request for a language, please contact us!
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Multi Layer Verification System

- Verify Email Addresses - Detect Vulgar Language - Determine Mobile Phone #'s -

Our multi layer verification is used to determine real name's, verify email and detetect mobile phone numbers. Verified by Love uses a multi-layer processes to determine each category of verification status. Detect a "real name" using layers such as, celebrity database, sports figure database, vulgar language, gibberish text and more. Or use the different layers of email verification to verify email, username verification, SMTP verification, formate verification and more. Phone verification layers such as detect mobile, landline or voip help to establish a mobile marketing campaign initiative.

Email Check Verify
Verification Lead Form

Do you have a form on your website?

- Contact Form - Mailing List Sign Up Form - Register Form -

Take form input verification to the next level with our multilevel verification system. Validate fields in real time, help keep unwanted spam out, capture the leads and let us take care of sending out the emails. An all in one solution, form input verification system that leads to better lead data!

form verification

Try our HTML5 form builder, a verification service that comes free with your account. Try by entering your information below, this is an actual example of our form builder.

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Cleanse Lists

- Email Lists - Lead Lists - Phone Lists -

Upload, clean, export and get on with your campain1! Don't continue to risk being blacklisted, verify your email addresses ahead of time. By cleansing your data lists your leads become increasingly valuable. Reach your customers, validate today!

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Cleanse Email Lists

Need a unobtrusive solution?

- API Service -

Tap into our database using PHP or one of your other favorite platforms. Your form can stay in tact while you use the strength of our validation service to verify your incoming information. Verify the inbox not the format. Don't Bounce, validate your email lists.

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24/7 99.9% Uptime SSL Secure Verification System

Questions, Comments, Problems?

- asklove@verifiedbylove.com -

We are always around, if you need anything, please reach out. We want to help and give you the greatest verification experience ever.

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